What you know

The facts about Orlane that you have verified yourselves. I winged a lot of this on Sunday so there may be something missing or incorrect, feel free to correct.

Several months ago, people began disappearing from the countryside around Orlane. Visitors would come by a farm and find it deserted. Sometimes there would be signs of a fight, other farms where simply abandoned, with possessions and furnishings left behind. The disappearances were gradual at first, but became more and more frequent. They also began to happen within Orlane itself.

In some cases, such as with the Hart family, the missing people have returned after a week or two. The Hart family (owners of the general store) left in the middle of the night about three months ago and came back after a two week absence. They were sullen and withdrawn after their return, stating simply that they had gone away on business.

Three weeks ago Magistrate Knowlton arrived in town with a force of men. After talking to the townspeople and making some investigations of his own, he and his men set out to the east (toward Hookhill) tracking stories of bandits. They have yet to return.

Recently an elven hunter has moved to town. Many of the locals find him suspicious, but there is no evidence against him. He arrived just after the Magistrate left town (about ten days ago).

What you know

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